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With the SUV dominated Police pursuit vehicles focusing on organization, efficiency and safety are crucial. CTECH’s lightweight aluminum CopBox Cabinet is designed to ensure safety for the officers while increasing efficiency and value to the fleet.

-SAFETY •Factory mounting point QuickLink plate •One location for all your gear •Secure mounts keep CopBox in location •Added Officer Safety at speed or in a crash

-SECURITY •Drawer locks standard • Ball Bearing drawer runners with 250lbs capacity

-EFFICIENCY •QuickLink mounting plate system for install and removal •Drawer dividers available •Heavy duty drawer liners •MotionLatchTM doors and drawers –ONE HAND, ONE MOTION OPENING •Patrol Series maintains spare tire access

-VALUE  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (original purchaser) •Universal Fit -reuse CopBox and get new QuickLink mounting plate kit •Lightweight Aluminum Construction


  • CopBox Cabinets come in a variety of different sizes depending on your storage needs. If you are a PATROLMAN work a beat or a COMMANDER coordinating operations at the scene we have a storage cabinet to fit those specific needs.
    • POLICE – Patrol Series, Tactical Series, Command Series and Scale Series.
    • FIRE / EMT – ChiefBox Series
    • VAN / TRAILER / LARGE TRUCKS – see specialty vehicle cabinets
  • offered in both UNIVERSAL width (40″) for mid size SUVs and WIDE width (47″) for full size SUVs.

CopBox Features

  • Inverted Top Tray – standard
  • Transferrable – QuickLink mounting solution
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Extruded Aluminum Radius Corners
  • MotionLatch Drawers and Doors

CopBox Cabinet, PATROL SERIES – Everest Metro, Schofield WI


METRO Characteristics
12” Tall – secure storage cabinet

Intended for metropolitan Police fleets with vehicles being used by multiple officers. The Metro Series gives the security of an enclosed secure storage box with the flexibility of a wide open concept design for multiple bag sizes and storage needs for each officer.

•    Safe and Secure storage with locking flip lid.
•    Full Visibility out of rear of vehicle
•    Factory Quicklink mounting plates secures CopBox Cabinet
•    One size fits all (MID and FULL Sized SUVs)

RESPONDER Characteristics
12” Tall – sleek storage drawer cabinet

Huge storage advantages in a small package! The Responder Series has answered the call for a low profile storage cabinet with storage on the top.

•     Safe and Secure drawer access with lock.
•     Full Visibility out of rear of vehicle
•     Factory Quicklink mounting plates secures CopBox Cabinet

PATROL Characteristics
16” Tall – maintains spare tire access
Designed for a Patrol officers gear and storage needs in mind. Giving the right amount of storage space in a small package. Featuring a large drawer with optional dividers for organization. The Patrol Series CopBox is the perfect amount of storage for any Patrolman needing a secure location for their gear.

•    Safe and Secure storage while maintaining spare tire access.
•    Full Visibility out of rear of vehicle
•    Economical single drawer design
•    Inverted Top offers quick access to gear
•    Spare Tire Access

TACTICAL Characteristics
20” Tall
Designed for an officer needing more gear. When you are a Rural officer carrying more gear is essential to performing your job. Some of this additional gear may include SWAT, Crime Scene, or any other additional duty equipment plus your everyday patrol equipment.

•    Maintains full visibility out of rear of vehicle.
•    Lightweight construction, easily removed if spare tire is needed
•    20” tall gives more storage, great mid sized CopBox
•    Inverted Top offers quick access to gear

COMMAND Characteristics
26” Tall
Designed for the Chiefs, Captains, and Commanders. It is great for any officer that needs a lot equipment readily available to fulfill their duties. The Command offers 26” of height giving the maximum amount of storage space.

•    Mobile Command Station in your SUV
•    Magnetic white board/work station
•    Fully adjustable shelves give you more storage flexibility
•    Inverted Top offers quick access to gear

COMMANDER Characteristics
26” Tall

The SUV Cabinet designed to maximize your cargo space in a full sized SUV cargo area. Shown with Haenni scales in the door opening but can easily store any other gear. This cabinet features long gun storage, special vented electronics drawer and the Gear Guard with inverted top tray.

•     Long gun storage with dog house extention
•     Scale storage shelving
•     Vented Electronics drawer
•     Inverted Top offers quick access to gear

SCALE Characteristics
16” & 26” Tall
Offered in 2 heights the Scale Series CopBox will secure your scales as well as the gear needed to perform an officers everyday needs. With the Inverted Tray top and single drawer you will be impressed with this series storage capabilities.

•    Scales stay stationary in transit
•    Single Drawer design for additional storage
•    Inverted Top offers quick access to gear


CTECH has designed a QuickLink mounting system that securely bolts the CopBox storage cabinet into the cargo area utilizing factory mounting locations. This allows for quick installation without alterations to the vehicles original equipment. A portion of a CopBox Cabinets true value is its transferable option within vehicles.  The QuickLink mounting plate makes that possible, by utilizing the same CopBox over multiple years you can switch out the plate with a newer style of even a different vehicle manufacturer. *WIDE BODY (47″) currently only fit Full Size SUVS*


As with the rest of our business CTECH offers custom designed CopBox Cabinets if the need is there. Generally a standard storage cabinet will cover most storage needs. Either option is the lighter, stronger and more efficient storage you have been looking for.