DAMM Cellular

Choose a core-connected infrastructure with the DAMM MultiTech Platform, which offers TEDS, TETRA, DMR and Analog in one system. Or choose a product from the DAMM TETRA portfolio, which includes the compact, rugged, mast-mountable Outdoor Base Station and the efficient Indoor Base Station. We also offer a portable base station (RDT), which is ideal as a disaster communication system. The Field Mobile base station is a packaged unit, which can be mounted on a vehicle and is ideal for first-responder emergencies.

All products and applications are fully compatible and can be used in any combination in one network.

DAMM Applications and gateways

Manage your fleet with built-in software. Integrate third-party applications using gateways and open API


Utilize LTE or Wi-Fi with DAMM TetraFlex PTT for your smartphone.

DAMM TetraFlex PTT is a vendor- and technology-independent smartphone application which brings the power of PMR to Android smartphones, delivering secure and private communication. A purely IP-based solution, it operates independently of any radio infrastructure, eliminating the need for radio gateways. It is ideal for coverage extension and a low-cost alternative to expensive TETRA radios.

Stay in touch with fully secure voice and data communication
Using DAMM PTT all group and individual communication options are retained, from group PTT calls to individual two-way calls. The audio quality remains high, while security is ensured through VPN connections and end-to-end encryption.

Data communication is equally protected. Whether sending text or status SDS messages, images or video, this transfer also happens on the encrypted and secured IP connection, keeping all communication safe.

Stay connected
With DAMM PTT running on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G, you can stay connected in areas not covered by the narrowband network. You can even stay connected during business trips thousands of kilometres away, making sure that you are always reachable.

With the phonebook automatically updating from the subscriber register, updated contact information for people inside your network is always at hand. In addition, calls to ordinary landlines or mobile phones can be made through the app, strengthening your connectivity while keeping all communication secure.

Stay safe
Getting help in an emergency situation is easy with the ability to alert a designated user of the emergency in both a call and SDS in one go.

Furthermore, a new PTT group can be attached to the DAMM PTT remotely by the control centre. This way it becomes possible to quickly ensure efficient coordination between relevant parties in order to minimise personal injuries and property damage.

Stay visible
DAMM PTT can be configured to send GPS position data at selected intervals. These data can be viewed by other apps within the same organization, the DAMM TetraFlex Dispatcher or any control room application.

Likewise, you can see other subscribers on a map in DAMM PTT with position data including time of last location data.